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Realizing Potential: An Exclusive Right of the “Vital Few?”

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Realizing Potential: An Exclusive Right of the “Vital Few?”

If “a rising tide lifts all boats,” as stated by John F. Kennedy, then why have most businesses today adopted the Pareto Principle (the Law of the Vital Few, or the 80/20 Rule) when it comes to developing human capital? Is it a matter of convenience? Competency? Trust? Could it be that companies have adapted to accommodate a workforce where leaders have truly become a minority?

While demand on employees, managers, executives, and owners alike increases, the supply of effective leaders continues to dwindle. Now more than ever, companies of all sizes have an unprecedented opportunity to create a paradigm shift: Standardizing personal and professional development so that everyone can become a leader, rather than reserving the opportunity for those with leadership titles.

Consider these scenarios: What would the average business’s growth look like if every individual (from entry-level to executive to owner) was working to their utmost potential? How would performance change if every person was challenged to grow and provided opportunities to advance? What would morale be like in an environment that was affirming, forward-thinking, and welcoming of innovative ideas from everyone? Where could companies go if leaders modeled, expected, and invested in ongoing personal and professional development for their entire staff?
Since this is sadly not the case, then one could argue that the average organization is also growing similarly – Beneath its potential.

The “Potential” Solution

As a certified business leadership coach (“Coach Lich”) I help businesses and organizations develop the individual leadership potential of all their human capital. My unique value proposition is founded on the idea of “standardized empowerment” because even the most average of people can do extraordinary things to impact a business or organization when equipped properly.

I strategically integrate the study and practical application of proven leadership and development methods, which serves to “fast-track” individuals, teams, and organizations in their desired directions to reach their goals.

For instance, I typically start by assuming the role of GPS/Navigation, to gain better insight on a business’s needs. We explore three fundamental areas:

Next, we work to transform silos of leadership development into mainstreamed cultures of potential development. This includes reinforcing those often undervalued and overlooked soft skill sets – like communication, relationship and team building, problem-solving and emotional intelligence, goal setting, self-motivation, etc.

My goal is to make businesses and organizations places where leadership, personal, and professional development is a part of the “benefits package.”

My other services include, but are not limited to:

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Bootcamps


Interactive/Experiential Training (Workshops/Seminars/Lunch & Learns)


Coaching/Accountability Partnerships (Individual & Group)

Keynote Speeches

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To Those Who Say They “Mean Business”

There is an evident value gap present in businesses today. Very few owners and “leaders” recognize the correlation between developing all their peoples’ potential and its impact on the holistic growth and overall success of their company. If you are reading this and you feel that leadership potential is an exclusive right for the few, this message is not for you.

This message is definitely not for you if:

You use the words “investment” and “expense” interchangeably. An expense is a cost. An investment generates a return if it is managed properly. What kind of time, money, and energy are you willing to invest in improving yourself and your people so you all can excel at leading, and grow in ways you may not have imagined possible? If the answer is none, reading further would be a waste of your time.

You believe, “Good work is hard to come by.” Michael Gerber, a world-renowned thought leader on business development and sustainability, argues that business systems and cultures need to be “turnkey,” so that any ordinary person can excel in them. But what if your business systems and culture evolved into a “turnkey” incubator for leaders? How many employees have you heard say, “I became a better salesperson [or manager, or executive, or leader] because of my company?” More importantly, what if your organization had a reputation for producing independent leaders and began attracting candidates who sought more than a paycheck or benefits? If decent work seems hard to come by, you have not offered a compelling enough reason for it to align with you (and no, compensation is not the best or only motivator).

You buy into the notion that more successful companies have people that are more talented, able, or possess more potential than your own. Every single working individual reflects their occupation or vocation (and vice versa)! Show me an inept manager, a stressed executive, an overachieving assistant, a motivated salesperson, a miserable customer service representative, etc., and I will show you an issue in their personal or professional development (or lack thereof) that contributes respectively. Please know, I do not intend to abdicate responsibility for personal growth. However, most people’s potential will remain forever “untapped,” and they will never consider themselves leaders without your help. Businesses can help develop these people, which in turn, helps develop themselves further.

You want a quick fix with little effort required.

You doubt that all your people will have an interest in becoming a leader or “tapping” their potential. In most cases, this is an issue of self-awareness. It is rare that a person willfully chooses mediocrity over advancement. If they do, however, leaders need to understand that a portion of their business or organization will reflect the same mediocrity somewhere. If this is an acceptable business practice, I may not be a match for the organization.

You are a negative thinker and cannot see the potential in all your people. If I chose to accept poor leaders’ lack of confidence in me, I would have been buried twice before my twenty-first birthday. Borrowed belief – true leaders’ ability to see my potential before I even could – inspired me to take risks, get uncomfortable, and innovate in ways that were so opposite of my character, it introduced the old me (as my coach calls, AL1) to the new me (AL2) – a leader. One who built, effectively lead, and profitably sold multiple companies before age thirty. Read more about Coach Lich’s story here.

If you are still reading this, it means you are serious about improving your human capital and understand it starts with each individual. It is an indicator that you value every person (including yourself) that is a part of your organization and are committed to providing them a life-changing opportunity: to realize their potential and confidently assume their own identities as leaders!
Before you contact me, consider the testimonials of my current and past partners:
  • “I got a lot of value by working with Coach Lich. I learned how to grow, and how to challenge myself to make the changes I desire. This has helped me personally and professionally.”
    Nicole Lerario
    Owner, A Kneaded Vacation Massage
  • “I had the pleasure of participating in two leadership masterminds led by Coach Lich. Both experiences were more wonderful than I could have imagined and gave me the focus to figure out what I wanted in my career and life. Through the masterminds with Coach Lich, I was able to discover my own true potential and go out and get what I wanted in my career. Thank you, Coach Lich!”
    Nicolena Salerno
    Marketing and Business Associate, Chemspeed Technologies
  • “The leadership masterclass with Coach Lich was great and helped me understand the things I wasn't doing and the things I needed to work on to become a better leader. She helped me realize that to be a great leader, I need to work on it and learn every day to be able to continuously grow.”
    Jeffrey Garris
    Owner, Stock Option Designs, LLC
  • “I felt Coach Lich’s sessions helped me in multiple ways, especially in building up my leadership state of mind. That is what helped me overcome challenges I was facing in starting my own business.”
    Robert Izbicki
    Co-CEO & Co-Founder, GetLitSmokeShop.net
  • "Anna’s guidance and encouragement proved critical to overcoming growth challenges and channeling leadership focus. Without her, we may not be in business today."
    Anonymous Technology Executive
  • “Coach Lich has helped me learn and apply different styles of leadership, which has tremendously benefited me in my role as an operations manager. She has also helped me appreciate the value of culture in the workplace. I look forward to working with her more in the future.”
    Randy Vogel
    Operations Manager, Cowley's Services