About Coach Lich

My professional bio serves to showcase my professional accomplishments, but my story serves as my most invaluable credential.

Humble Roots

On my homepage, I refer to two versions of myself – AL1 and AL2, a leader. They were the stars of two dynamic films about my life, which I would entitle The Mediocre Martyr (starring AL1), and The Belief Borrower (starring AL2), respectively. No alternate title is better suited for the latter, because the person and the leader I have become today is a product of just that – borrowed belief. This term is synonymous with coaching, or in my case, undeserved influence and investment from leaders.

However, the trailer of The Mediocre Martyr would have depressed you (it is no wonder that those who had front row tickets to that show are my biggest fans)! The opening scene would introduce a sheepish but intelligent young girl, content with her academic studies, extracurricular activities, and family. A seemingly picturesque youth at first glance, slowly descending into a tailspin by the age of thirteen. From then on out, her life would resemble the darkest drama one would never suspect – neglect, abuse, violence, alcohol, drugs, homelessness, anger, destruction, near death… That same girl in the opening scene would grow to have no identity, no self-love, no self-respect, no confidence, no hope, no trust, and no direction. I wrote earlier that if I chose to accept poor leaders’ lack of confidence in me, I would have been buried twice before my twenty-first birthday. Now you may have a vague understanding as to why.

There was a point where I preferred no life over the one I had.

…Some prequel, huh?

Precipice of Change

I thought the business world introduced me to the person I needed to become to be successful. Mainly because for the first time, I had a vivid awareness of issues in my own personal development. Like many others, my failure in addressing them sooner kept me and my businesses operating below their potential.

Somewhere down the line, I realized entrepreneurship did not change me. Environment and the coaches and mentors present in them did (way before I even got into business too)!

The environment made me aware that I thought and acted differently than a true leader would.

True leaders and coaches saw a version of me that I was incapable of seeing myself.

This borrowed belief inspired me to rise to the occasion, and I eventually became exactly who they saw me as – a dynamic, confident, and capable leader in business.

Never-Ending Story

Years of evaluated experience have since become my greatest teacher. The moral of my story is simple: Environment and consistent investment from leaders saved me, my businesses, and my life. To the teachers, managers, bosses, mentors, coaches, colleagues, physicians, friends, and family who invested and continue to invest in me – Thank You.

To my fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate executives, etc. – if you are reading this, just know that wherever you are at and whatever you are experiencing, I have been there too. Coaches helped develop me. They helped this former wretch understand and realize her potential when the rest of the world treated her as mediocre as she was.

Whether or not you personally feel like I used to is irrelevant. Understand that someone somewhere in your company may, and they deserve a shot at being introduced to the best version of themselves.

It is my honor, passion, and life’s purpose to help you all get to know those people. If you do not believe yet, it is okay. Borrow my belief, as it is still poured into me and I have plenty to share!
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