Everything worth having in life comes with a fight.


Business owners fight to keep their doors open; employees fight for promotions; managers fight to keep their teams engaged; students fight for competitive careers in the marketplace; parents fight to support their families… Leaders fight.

Yet more often than not, the worthiest of leaders and fighters will succumb to defeat because they enter “the ring” without ever having worked with a coach. A professional fighter wouldn’t dare step into the ring without training, conditioning, stamina, confidence, gloves, a mouth guard, etc.…


So why do so many people think they can compete as leaders— in business, life, etc.— without any coaching?
  • “I got a lot of value by working with Coach Lich. I learned how to grow, and how to challenge myself to make the changes I desire. This has helped me personally and professionally.”
    Nicole Lerario
    Owner, A Kneaded Vacation Massage
  • “I had the pleasure of participating in two leadership masterminds led by Coach Lich. Both experiences were more wonderful than I could have imagined and gave me the focus to figure out what I wanted in my career and life. Through the masterminds with Coach Lich, I was able to discover my own true potential and go out and get what I wanted in my career. Thank you, Coach Lich!”
    Nicolena Salerno
    Marketing and Business Associate, Chemspeed Technologies
  • “The leadership masterclass with Coach Lich was great and helped me understand the things I wasn't doing and the things I needed to work on to become a better leader. She helped me realize that to be a great leader, I need to work on it and learn every day to be able to continuously grow.”
    Jeffrey Garris
    Owner, Stock Option Designs, LLC
  • “I felt Coach Lich’s sessions helped me in multiple ways, especially in building up my leadership state of mind. That is what helped me overcome challenges I was facing in starting my own business.”
    Robert Izbicki
    Co-CEO & Co-Founder, GetLitSmokeShop.net
  • "Anna’s guidance and encouragement proved critical to overcoming growth challenges and channeling leadership focus. Without her, we may not be in business today."
    Anonymous Technology Executive
  • “Coach Lich has helped me learn and apply different styles of leadership, which has tremendously benefited me in my role as an operations manager. She has also helped me appreciate the value of culture in the workplace. I look forward to working with her more in the future.”
    Randy Vogel
    Operations Manager, Cowley's Services