My name is Anna Lichnowski, but most call me Coach Lich.

My professional bio showcases my professional accomplishments, but my story serves as my most invaluable credential.

Just like you, I am many things—an entrepreneur, a coach, a millennial, an amateur MMA fighter and enthusiast, a fiancé, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a student, a leader… But at one point in my life, I wasn’t much of anything and I had just about the same to show for it.

Coaches changed my life. They made me aware of things that were holding me back from achieving my potential in this “ring”, this fight we call life; things I repressed and truly believed I would never have to confront again in order to be successful, fulfilled, or happy. They empowered me to cope with and confidently overcome fear, insecurity, stress, anxiety, pressure, anger, worry, pain, etc., which I swore were not even impacting me as a person, let alone a professional. Little did I know how insidious all those things were, and how they were slowly destroying both parts of my life.

The fact that I am here, living and breathing, and experiencing the success I am as a business leader is a testament to the potential impact of a coaching relationship… If you’re open to it.

For that reason, I only work with people who are: 1.) Open to asking for help, 2.) Ready to fight for what they want, and 3.) Eager to start now. My clients come by referral or qualification only.