One-On-One Coaching Guarantee

After six (6) months of working together, if you fight to do the work and it doesn’t work, I’ll refund you every penny. (For One-On-One Coaching Services Only)

Let’s make a deal…

My Promise

Fighting towards our personal or professional potential is a difficult, sometimes painful process that I help make fun and engaging. That being said, I always mean business and expect you to do the same.

A successful coaching relationship flourishes only when both of us agree to communicate fully, openly, and honestly. There is also an understanding that I, the coach, do not possess (and am not in and of myself) the solutions to all your problems. I do, however, challenge, empower, and guide you to discover that you possess the answers within yourself.

It is my job to observe you (and/or your teams’) behaviors, bring potential issues to you or your leaders’ awareness, guide you towards the effective action plan of your choice, hold you accountable for implementing necessary changes, and measure the results.

I promise:

  • To serve as a resource that empowers you to operate beyond your normal capacity
  • To display the same commitment as a vested owner would
  • To always show respect in and out of sessions
  • To provide a safe environment that is most conducive to your growth
  • To maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity

Your Responsibility

This investment you’re considering is in yourself. Your company, team, family, community, etc. are fortunate beneficiaries. And me? I’m just your ecstatic guide taking you through a process that I have already and still continue to go through.

The responsibility of solving problems is yours. While I can help bring you to a point of discovering or developing those solutions, I cannot do the application work for you. There are several things you must commit to in this relationship:

The Investment – Acknowledge that this takes time, resources, and execution of action plans. It’s a fight for your life, your business, or whatever it is you want most.

The Process – Surrender any expectations you have for your life or business to be transformed in 30, 60, or even 90 days. Results go hand-in-hand with your efficiency and consistency in executing action plans and vary from person to person.

Learning – Expect challenge, but welcome it as an opportunity to learn.

Communicating – Be clear, honest, transparent, and true to yourself when we speak. I can’t guide you if you cannot talk to me like a trusted friend (I am one).

To Yourself – Subscribe to the belief that you can, you will, and you must do whatever it takes to see the results you desire. There’s no place for “I can’t,” “I won’t,” or “I quit.” There is always a way, and together we will find it for you.

To Your People – Fighting towards your own potential inevitably empowers you to bring others to realize theirs. Pay it forward (that’s what leaders do)!