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Fighter (Leadership) Aptitude Tests

  • Brawler Baseline (Basic Assessment) - $75 ($100 VALUE) *
    • You and those closest to you rate 26 qualities and skills that great fighters and leaders possess. Do you think you’re a better leader than those following you? Find out HERE!
  • Fight Club (Intensive Assessment) - $125 ($175 VALUE) *
    • How well do you represent the top 21 time-tested leadership principles? Find out with this 63-question assessment.

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Leadership Corps (Groups of Five or More Only)

Do you possess an appetite for change in your personal or professional life?

Do you know at least four (4) other like-minded people in your family, community, job department, business, etc. who feel the same?

Fight as a team!

Consider a facilitated action group that serves as the ultimate personal and professional development tool. These offer a unique synergy of energy, commitment, and excitement through peer brainstorming, cooperative “discovery” education (borrowed experience), accountability, and a support network. 

The groups are 100% customizable to your needs, obstacles, and/or opportunities. You and your unit get to choose your group type (phone, video, face-to-face), meeting frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly), and content to be discussed and executed upon in between sessions (i.e. communication, problem solving, mindset, relationships). Our facilitator serves as a guide to help you and your corps members uncover critical insight on and solutions to challenges that may be holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

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Speaking Engagements/Workshops

Are your employees, colleagues, or other associates interested in learning about a specific topic? Could they benefit from education, inspiration, or motivation?

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One-On-One or Group/Team Coaching

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#WeCulture (The Next Generation of Business)

Technological advancements, talent pool evolutions, and ever-changing economies have presented today’s business leaders with unprecedented challenges. The demand for opportunity, security, development, and culture has never been greater or more competitive.

The #WeCulture movement was founded to bring culture back to organizations. By establishing and leveraging core values, leaders can confidently guide the behavior of their employees at all levels as they independently work together to achieve goals, solve problems, and innovate.

If you’re a leader looking for better employee engagement and performance, less turnover, increased profitability, sustainable growth, and more time, consider this trademarked system.

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